Girls Weekend in Costa Rica

“What should we do today,” Lauren asks. “Just kidding, beach or pool?” For our girl-only trip this year, my bestie, Lauren, and I called out a bunch of Caribbean countries we wanted to go to. We settled on Costa Rica because we’ve always talked about going together and neither of us had ever been. So on the phone, we jumped online, did some research, and settled on the perfect girls’ trip.


We had a blast drinking Pina Colatas and daiquiris by the pool… and on the beach… and by the bar…

We basically had 3 days of laying by the ocean or pool. However, we did go on one excursion………………………………….. Zip lining!

It’s always been a dream of mine to go zip lining in Costa Rica. I have no idea why? But it has. So we worked it into our laid back girls’ trip.

Priority #1 for Girls’ Weekend: Where to stay?

We got a shared room at Flamingo Beach Resort and Spa with a breakfast plan. Lauren and I are both keen for a good deal, so we budgeted $1000 for our quick trip for everything, flight hotel, food, and fun. I was between jobs at the time, but as always, I had my travel budget set aside!


So we got a flight and hotel deal through, which sounds sketchy but I’ve used it three times now with great success.

Girls’ weekend is what Lauren and I call our once a year get-together, no boys allowed, fun trip. We’ve been doing it for years, usually to a beach city or to each other’s city for a visit. We’ve been friends for a long time and lived apart for about 7 years now. So girls’ weekend is a definite must!

Anyway, Cheap Caribbean was more pricey than we originally planned. For $995.56/ person, we booked flight, hotel for 5 days and 4 nights with included breakfasts, plus our zip lining excursion, and shuttle to and from the hotel. So we both agreed to bump up our budget slightly to $1200, just in case. We ended up only spending about $150 there. So we came out under budget, slightly!



Zip lining was incredible! There was a hotel transfer so we just had to show up downstairs. The experience was only $45. It took 3 hours total, there and back. We got to do 9 runs. Zipped past jungle and primates. I was pretty pumped to see wild, howler monkeys and hear them call to each other!

The experience of flying was both terrifying and exciting. You walk up the first flight of stairs, then there’s no turning back. You stand on the edge of a metal, wobbly grate. Listen super closely to every instruction. What not to do. How to stop. Terrifying! Then you inch closer to the edge, hop up as they rig the final attachment, then bite your lip, and take a leap of faith! Then your stomach is floating. Your eyes bug out. You scream your brains out! Flying. You just start to relax when you come flying into the opposite tree! Slow! Slow! Grip your hands! Then they catch you. Your stomach drops. You did it! You flew, tree to tree! Such an amazing experience!

We got to spend a fun time together in a different country. Our activities included: beach lounging, running on the beach, lounging by the pool, zip lining, and finally relaxing. Did I mention, it was a much needed vacation?!


What do you think? Beach vaca with your bestie? Worth it!

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