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Warning: This post is not about travel! More of a goals post.
One of my goals for the new year was to get fit and stay fit. I’m a planner, always have been. So, I decided I needed to get organized in order to plan and achieve that goal. I made January an organization month. Get into the swing of workouts, protein shakes, and healthy foods. I work in a bit of adult beverages and fun, but I wanted to focus on myself first.
So, I bought a planner.
Okay… So, I bought two planners.
The first planner is an organization one. It’s has such a good vibe I had to get it. It starts out with important dates. I have all the major stuff in there, trips planned, birthdays, weddings, etc.
Next, It outlines your goals for the year. My 2018 Mission is Wander, Fitness, Inspire. (See my previous post for my 2018 New Years Rev.’s!)
The planner breaks down goals by Personal, Social, Financial, Health, Home, and Dreaming Big! I picked 3 to 4 major goals for each category. I won’t get into the details but I want to get organized, travel, get my finances in order (already did up my budget!), health/fitness goals, and of course the dogs (which I put under the home section, since I rent :)).
Then, the planner breaks down your goals into quarterly goals in order to achieve your goals as outlined previously. So what can you achieve in 3 months to work toward your goal verses looking at the whole year, going, “well, guess we’ll see what happens”. I broke down my goals by what was feasible/already planned in order to achieve. Then broke down my running goals, and weight loss goals. I love making plans!
The planner next breaks down the individual months in monthly calendar form. Nice, normal-type planner. I put my work schedule, workout plan, and top 5 want-to-accomplish’s. Then I put rewards if I do X- I can have Y. AKA: motivation.
The next page in the individual month section has a Mission breakdown per month for each of the six sections for the overall goals. “The future starts here” is such a powerful statement to look at each day.
Flip to the right side and it has you overall plan for the month, a focus section, and 3 daily Habit trackers to check off for 3 things you want to do each day. For me, it’s a workout, and Instagram post (bc I feel like being active on social media is important), and having my Shakeology protein shake (Beach Body program).
Lastly, it has a notes and rambling page for you to jot down anything you might need. I, of course, use it for doodling, but it’s whatever!
After all of the months, it has an Extras section of fun things you never knew you wanted in a planner. A Gift list for upcoming things, for when I think of idea for someone’s birthday or Christmas present and you forget 2 days later what you were thinking about… yep that’s me. Page flip to a wanderlust section for trips you are taking, to organize your flight info, hotel, car rental reservation number, etc. Pretty fantastic, right?
Also, has a project planning page and a monthly bill tracker to keep track of the stuff you pay each month. Then, finally, a notes section and a 2019 page.
I am in love with this planner. But, it’s not specific for my weight loss goals. I wanted something to track my workouts and food.
So, I found a second planner, more of a health journal.
Healthy Body, Healthy Life.
It’s a simple, guided journal to track your progress and keep you focused. It has the date at the top. Three objectives for the day. Mine is usually to not snack or have chocolate.
Next, is Today’s Work-out Recap. Complete with which workout you did, targeted area, best part of your workout, what you can improve on, duration, and number of calories burned.
Lastly is Today’s Meal Recap. Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Snacks, total number of calories and water for the day.
On the second half of the page is an inspirational fact or tip to keep you going and a notes section. I use the notes section to track my food groups and write about my day.
So there you have it! My New Year’s Res mapped out in two guided books. I stood in Office Depot and debated which one would be better overall, then decided to get them both. I have a big purse. I can carry both with me! 🙂
So far, so good! I’ve been journal-ing daily, getting my workouts and shakes in, and getting my focus back on track. New year, New me. Isn’t that what we all say?!

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